N. Tsultem



1951 Surikov Academy, Moscow, Russia
1971 Ph.D. Moscow Academy of Arts, Russia

Work Experience:

1940 Assistant artist, Central Theatre, Ulaanbaatar
1944 Artist, Mongolian Film Studio
1951 Artist, Institute of Fine Art, Ulaanbaatar
1956-1989 Chairman, UMA
1962-1982 Member, National Committee of UNESCO
1968-1978 President, Mongolian-Indian Friendship Society
1984 Member, World Peace Committee
1989-1991 Vice-President, Mongolian-Japanese Friendship Society
1991 Member, Civil Council of Mongolian President
Since 1980 Head, Asian-African Peace and Solidarity Organization


Since 1951 work shown in UMA exhibitions in Mongolia and abroad, including all ex-socialist countries, the USA, France, Japan, China One-man shows in ex-socialist countries, including Russia, Germany, Hungary
1974, 1984, 1994 One-man show, Ulaanbaatar
1984 One-man show, Beijing, China
1989 One-man show, Tokyo, Japan
1991 One-man show, Niigata, Japan


1974, 1984, 1986 "History of Mongolian Art," Moscow, Russia
1975 "Art of India," Ulaanbaatar
1982 "Mongolian Eminent Sculptor Zanabazar," Ulaanbaatar
1986 "Mongolian painting," Ulaanbaatar
1987 "Mongolian arts and crafts," Ulaanbaatar
1988 "Mongolian Architecture"
1988 "Brief History of Mongol Zurag," Ulaanbaatar
1989 "Mongolian Sculpture," Ulaanbaatar


1945 "Honoured Labour" medal, State award
1956 "Honoured Art Worker" State award
1959 Laureate of State Prize of Mongolia
1962 "Red Banner" Honoured Labour medal, State award
1971 "Pole Star" State award
1974 "Peoples Artist" State award
1983 First prize, international exhibition of realist paintings, Sofia, Bulgaria
1983 Sukhbaatar medal, State award
1996 Sukhbaatar medal, State award
1993 First prize, international exhibition of realist paintings, Sofia Bulgaria
2000 "Hero of Labour" State award